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Since the beginning of our company we have prioritized lead generation for our clients. When it comes down to brass tacks, leads are the driver of the businesses’ bottom line. All other metrics like traffic, domain authority, keyword difficulty is all secondary to sales and ROI. Our entire philosophy is geared around this basic concept. Branding & traffic are great but when quarterly results are in good solid leads is what pays the bills. There are many companies that will hand you an analytics report with a bunch of traffic on it but its import to ask: “Where is this traffic originating from?” If you don’t know then it’s time to ask your marketing agency a few hard questions.

Whats our Method?

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Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking

If getting leads is the lifeblood of any business a close 2nd place would be tracking them. Many businesses label all leads as one source. Did someone call since they saw your site? “Let’s put this in the internet category”. Identifiying where these people came from can really help you guage where you need to put your marketing dollars. Did they come from Google? Was it a paid a, was it a search, or was it because they know your company name and looked it up directly?

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Lead Gen

Lead Gen

Lead generation can be accomplished in several different ways. SEO will be the bread and butter to creating more traffic and leads to a website once you’re positioned on page one with the target keywords. Until then, and even when you are well positioned with your SEO campaign, it is essential to keep the high quality traffic coming to the website and convert it into customers. There are many options on a pay-per-click basis, including Google Adwords, Yahoo/Bing Adwords and Retargeting campaigns. Each one of these options will depend on your budget, industry and current marketing state.

What is pay per click?

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How do we know that we can do this?

Because we have done it before. We have been and still are successful at our parent company, SEO 1 Click in San Diego, California. We have successfully worked with over 50 companies, limiting the workload to only a certain amount at a time. Why? Because we want to make sure we have enough time to focus on each and every client.

This is the talented, problem-solving staff at Southwest SEO Agency:

We came out to Phoenix because, frankly, after researching many metropolitan areas, we realized that Phoenix is a step behind with knowledge of SEO. This saguaro cactus infographic to the right represents the basic strategy of SEO today.

SEO is now like a fine-tuned engine; the car won’t start without the battery. A Google-compliant website structure will help you rank highly organically and the better you rank organically, the better chance you have to rank in the top of local. Obviously, there are some miles to go but we are here to help get your company there while educating you along the way.

Latest News

Why Phoenix Desperately Needs Good Local SEO
August 3, 2017

When we compare the larger Phoenix area to most other places in the US, the situation is bad. Small businesses fall prey to spammy marketing emails they get daily from shady SEO expert wannabes; as a result, they pay loads of their hard-earned dollars on sub-par services.

And you know what’s even worse?

They know the service is bad but they think they can’t afford better!

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In my business it is all about dominating the competition, so I gave SEO 1 Click a lofty task. My business is now thriving and continues to grow to an amazing level because of our digital marketing strategy and SEO. Don’t think twice about using SEO 1 Click to get the job done right!
– Tony

I have been working with these guys for only a few short months and I have increased my budget, given them the responsibility of managing my website and have recommended them to friends from other companies. That being said, I am obviously thrilled with our progress and they have my full confidence in getting the job done. Communication is astounding and work ethic is phenomenal.
– Cory

We approached SEO 1 Click with a tough task to get nationally ranked with our main keywords. We knew it would take time, but was willing to put up the investment because SEO it is vital to our business. After six months, we started to rank on the first page with our keywords! Their professionalism and knowledge goes a long way with Greenshine and we have complete trust in what they do.
– Kevin

I have been working with this agency for well over a year now and there is a reason why I am still working with them. Every task and keyword I have given them, they have met my expectations. I am positioned like a king in my industry throughout the products and services I offer. They have consulted with me every step of the way.
– Pablo


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