Why us and not Them?

Why us and not Them?

Most SEO agencies tend to flaunt catchphrases and slogans hoping to impress the potential client. Some of these will definitely ring a few bells:

Choose us because we get you results!

Our customer service is excellent!

We boast years of experience in the industry!

We have outstanding reviews!

What they fail to realize is that clients need so much more than this. Of course, years of relevant experience means lots of SEO know-how and raving reviews indicate an enviable level of trustworthiness and reputation. Still, for a winning SEO agency, these things go without saying.

So, what it is that we offer in addition to all the above?

It’s challenging to talk about this without sounding like a big-time show-off (even if you have something rock solid to show for yourself). Instead of quibbling about the stats that mean very little to you, let’s take a stab at something a bit different. Here’s why Southwest SEO Agency is the go-to choice in Phoenix:

  • As we speak, we are consolidating our position at the top of the local and organic search for in the search engine optimization industry.
  • There are more clients who want us to do their SEO than we actually take on. Why are we willingly refusing the extra dollars? Because we simply aren’t going to take clients that are in industries that are not favorable for SEO – yes, it happens. So, we don’t want them to pay for something we’re not sure will be successful. It’s the top of the SERPs or nothing.
  • The longer you are our client, the more money we make. So, we’re rationally investing in resources up front so that we can guarantee a long-term success. It’s a win-win, the only honest way to do business.
  • We put all our cards on the table and hold nothing back. We use Basecamp, a transparent project management system, where everything that each of our team member does is documented and can be seen by the client. Our link building and optimization reports come flowing regularly because that’s also what makes our work accountable.
  • We don’t want to land an account by all means possible; if a business is not the right fit, we direct them where we believe they will get more benefits.
  • Can you name the SEO agencies with a great reputation on Yelp? Our guess is there aren’t that many. Luckily for us, we fall into the group of the few privileged agencies who actually earned the trust and loyalty of their clients. Favorable reviews mean a lot to us because (as we are sure you know) getting a bad review is so much easier than getting a good one. And that tells something.
  • When it comes to the number of accounts we manage at a time, we prioritize quality. Showing off the number of clients may woo a client or two, maybe even three, but serious businesspeople know this – more clients means more employees. More employees means more hierarchy and a greater chance of your account being handled by a low-level employee. Instead, with Southwest SEO agency you get to talk to the heads and managers directly.
  • We simply don’t do outsourcing. We strongly believe that keeping all the work in-house benefits brings a greater bottom line to our clients.

Sounds too much? This is just the tip of the iceberg but let’s stop here. The reason why we went to such great length to explain all this is because we want to educate you about SEO and how a good SEO agency works. The more you understand about the process, the better we can work together and drive the results faster.

Our industry is packed with SEO expert wannabes. They focus on the wrong things and try to sidetrack you with stats and terminology you don’t really understand. Things are so much simpler but they require a bit of time and patience.

Want to learn more and climb that top of the search engines? Give us a call today and let’s get started!


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