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Google Shopping

To Automate or not too Automate?

For those clients really trying to maximize their sales from product listing ads there is only one way to go. It needs to be uploaded and maintained manually to get the very best results out of the ads. There is dozens of companies that use software to do this process but you are missing out on big traffic with this approach.

If you have a niche oriented product we have seen results cost up to 40% less than your traditional text based ads and deliver as much as a 20-25% higher conversion rate- yes it’s that powerful. An automated export from your ecommerce platform to Google’s merchant center isn’t going to optimize each listing as well as a PPC analyst can.

Are Product Listing Ads Right for Me?

The program really works best if you’re not in a mass market unless you can be competitive on price. If you are selling dog collars for $20.00 and walmart is selling a very similar product for $9.99 well unless your brand is very well known you’re going to have a tough time competing.

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