Lead Tracking

The Importance of Lead Tracking

Do you label all of your leads as internet, mail, & referral? If that’s the case how can you determine how effective your online marketing efforts are? For SEO lead tracking is essential because we need to know which keywords are actually driving the calls & emails. Every client of ours is setup with a call tracking software that can source out all online lead generation methods and finally give an accurate picture.

I want the one “Golden” keyword in my Industry

Most SEO agencies and clients seem to focus on the one big keyword in their industry that if they just ranked for would supply them with endless business. The truth is its often dozens of different keywords that will drive these leads and without proper lead tracking setup you would never be able to identify which ones!

Lead Generation

Identify the Most Important Channels

Some websites or social media sites are more valuable than others. Again this all depends on the industry at times Yelp even surpasses Google in importance (although this seems limited to the west coast more than other places)

By combining all the date we can help your company make better decisions about where to invest its hard earned marketing dollars.

Start Today not Yesterday

As with all marketing efforts time is of the essence. Contact us today at 619-376-2384 and we can help you start making those quarterly reports more accurate.


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