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Adwords Certified PartnerGoogle Adwords is the number one lead generator in the pay per click marketing world. You have probably already attempted to try Adwords or have wanted to see if it would be right for your business. If you have tried it before, there is a great chance you felt like you wasted a bunch of your marketing dollars because you didn’t see the returns on that investment. You’re not alone with feeling this way because the majority of businesses we have talked to say this right away. Take a gander at these Adwords issues that many have experienced and find out what makes the Southwest SEO Agency different.

Common Adwords Issues

I Didn’t Feel Like I Was Seeing A Return On My Investment

There are many reasons why companies do not feel like they see an ROI when attempting to do Adwords. One of the biggest issues for most businesses is that they were not tracking their leads and traffic correctly or at all from the Google Adwords Campaign. If you do not track the analytics behind your marketing avenues, there is literally no way to tell if you are getting a return on your investment.

Another big reason for not seeing an ROI is because of the fundamental knowledge on how to properly setup and manage the actual Adwords account. It is a lot more difficult than talking to an Google Adwords Rep on the phone and having them give you the basics on how to setup your account. We all know that if you set things up from a basic approach, you probably will not be targeting properly, therefore your business will see wasted Adwords clicks and marketing dollars.

I Am Getting Clicks For Keywords That Are Not Related To My Business!

Setting up a targeted keywords campaign related to your business services and products are a lot more complicated than just plainly typing out a bunch of keywords words into the Google Adwords platform. There are multiple different ways to target keywords with Adwords with broad, broad modified, phrase and exact match services. The default settings are with broad match searches, which can cause numerous wasted clicks and marketing dollars. Narrowing down the ways your keywords can be searched with your ads can greatly increase your ROI and not waste marketing dollars.

How Do I Know If Adwords Is Bringing My Business Leads?

Linking your Google Adwords account up to your Google Analytics account is absolutely necessary and not the only thing that needs to happen to be able to track the leads. You also will need to setup your goal conversions for when people request a quote or your ecommerce settings for when people purchase one of your products. If your conversion tracking is setup properly, you will be able to distinguish how many leads or products you are selling through your website. But what about phone calls? There are many ways to track phone calls through Adwords itself and third party tools that will give you even more analysis on the acutual call itself. If your business is tracking all website transactions and phone calls, then you will be well on your way with seeing how many leads you get with Google Adwords.

How We Do Adwords Review

  • We will go through all your setting and how your campaign is targeting your demographic.
  • We will check your keyword targeting strategy and how you are using match searches.
  • We will make sure that you are tracking every potential lead that is coming from your campaign
  • We will take a look where you are spending your budget and how we can allocate that better for optimal ROI
  • We will review your ad copy to make sure it is compelling to your targeted audience.
  • We will take a look at your remarketing strategy with the DPA ads.
  • And much much more…

How Do We Get Your Campaign Accelerated Down The Right Track?

Ninja-Style Research

Every campaign need a thorough review not only from what you are currently doing with the Adwords campaign, but also taking a thorough look at what your competition is doing. It is always important to know what your competition is doing, otherwise how will you ever be able to out compete them?

Account Building and Configuration

We have to understand your business and audience to be able to even start building your campaign. From there we will be able to understand the targeting, setting, ad copy and keyword list that will need to be accomplished in order for you to have a successful campaign that represents your brand the way you want it to.

Lead Tracking and Remarketing

We are going to carefully track all your users to the website, what they will do once on your website and what we will need to do better for conversion. Like mentioned earlier on this page, lead tracking should be a primary focus in understanding your ROI from Google Adwords. Remarketing will also be a focus on the campaign. Remarketing is the ability to have display ads follow past website visitors in the following weeks to remind them about your business. Sometimes people like to window shop and need to be remembered where they were doing that shopping.

Transparent Communication

The #1 biggest complaint that we here from our clients that use to be working with other marketing agencies, is that they barely ever knew what was going on. Not with us. You will know all the work that is being done every step of the way. Plus, you will receive reports on the performance of your Google Adwords campaign.


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