Web Design and Development

One of the most underrated strategies to increase your leads in internet marketing is your website design. We all know a nephew, a friend, or an otherwise low-budget solution that says they can make you a great website. To really be able to appreciate the value of what Tape Measure Marketing can bring to your web-redesign, it’s important to define what you get when we create your site as opposed to a freelance or pure/traditional web design company.

Web Design and Development

What you get with us: (Don’t want to read all this, click here for a summary.)

  1. Competitive analysis – Do certain colors and fonts convert better for your region? Is the competition utilizing advanced programming techniques like review snippets on internal pages?
  2. Content Planning & URL Structure – This is critical to your SEO success and most web designers or pure web design companies will frequently skip this step entirely in favor of large image-based sites (FYI Google bots can’t read what an image is, they require lots of content).
    Need content? Our in-house writers frequently blog about plumbing, remodeling, HVAC, solar, and other contractor topics for our existing clients.
  3. Our In-House Designer actually designs the site first (Spoiler alert!) – In our experience, website designers are not very good programmers and vice versa. The budget option for making that great website for a grand or under is attempting to wear both hats. However, rarely is an artist able to computer program as well as he paints.
  4. Team Roundtable – Myself, our account managers, graphics, programmers, & content team review the entire site design. The value of this cannot be understated. A group of experts is going to create a way better site than a stand-alone service.
  5. Knowledge of HTML/CSS/Java/Flash/PHP/CMS etc etc. – Since we have a diverse team, we can work with just about any web coding. Even pure web design companies are limited to just WordPress templates and themes.
  6. A Fast & Speedy Website from the Start – Did you know that Google is factoring the speed at which your website loads? Our backend programmers manually build the site mainly in “pure code”, meaning we don’t use tools and programs that make the job easier for us but slows your website down. Every site built by us will load in under 2 seconds.
  7. Your customers deserve a good experience, don’t disappoint them – If you were shopping for a kitchen remodel company and you went to the gallery section on your iPhone only to see tiny small images and barely legible descriptions, would you keep browsing? Probably not. Our sites are designed with the customer in mind. Quickly finding all relevant information they want will convert them into a lead. When you hire Tape Measure Marketing, we will make sure you get fewer clicks on the back button.
  8. “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by” – Douglas Adams. Chances are we have all seen this phrase on a fridge magnet or a calendar. This is most likely the attitude a friend of a friend has when they are creating your website. Heck, he probably has it on his own calendar at home. Use us. Get the job done on time.
Website Optimization

If you’ve read this far – congratulations. If you want a summary without reading, look below:

  • Competition Analysis (we will make you a site that will outdo your top competition/ your site will be better than your top competition)
  • Content Production & SEO-Friendly Site
  • We have a whole team, not one guy named Mike who is the jack of all trades
  • We can program any web technology (we don’t grab templates to shortcut the process)
  • Our sites load faster than Steve McQueen (on your iPhone too!)
  • Your customers will find their way through the site (they won’t get lost and hit the back button)
  • Deadlines, we’ll actually meet them!

If all the above sounds good, give us a ring at (619) 798-6513 or fill out the contact form here.


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